Thursday, September 27, 2007

We've reached new heights (literally)

So, we're headed out this evening to visit good friends in South Orange, to watch the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty. We always take something sweet with us - we think bringing an after-dinner-treat is very important...and we often take wine also (Trader Joe's has great wine at very reasonable prices, if you're interested.)

Joe baked (and baked and baked) last night for our second attempt at the Matinee Malted Cake. Well, actually, turns out it's our third attempt, because the first cake he baked last night fell apart. I think we're having problems with our oven, because the temperature just doesn't seem to maintain a level consistency, which adds a lot of guess work to our baking process. (Yes, Tricia - I'm definitely thinking of you and Kitchennyc!) So at about 10:40pm, he took the second cake out of the oven (and believe me - that is late for us - we're usually in bed by 10pm).

This morning I frosted it as soon as I got up at 6:00 and it is in the fridge, just waiting for the finishing touches of rosettes and malt balls. I gotta tell ya - it is the tallest cake we've made so far (and thats before the decorations)...but actually not as tall as I thought, because, in the effort to report truthfully, I just stood up and measured it, and at the moment, its 5 (five) inches tall at three layers and tons of chocolate ganache....but because its only an 8 (eight) inch cake, it LOOKS tall...Oy.

We hope to get a photo of it posted here, because I think it will be much more attractive than the last one.

Wish me luck...

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