Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pazzo for Pizza!!!

Hello, all, and another Daring Bakers' Challenge is completed... Now, I didn't think we'd have ANY problems with this challenge because we make our own pizza dough all. the. time. but a Whole Wheat dough instead and our technique is different than what was required for this challenge...

First of all, we used our trusty KitchenAid to take care of all the kneading, and the instructions said that the dough should clear the sides but stick to the bottom of the bowl so that in the end, the dough should be sticky... And we were all good until the next day when it was time to work with the dough again...

We prepped the dough as instructed, flattening them to a 5 inch-ish circle and letting them rest for 2 hours under cover of plastic wrap... and then came the REAL challenge, and we SO wanted to video this part for our own amusement and yours! We were supposed to toss the dough like a pizzaiolo, BUT! -----

My hands were floured all over but the dough was just too wet and when I placed it on my hands it just stretched and ripped... I re-rooled the dough in a little more flour and tried again, but it just kept ripping, so there are no photos or video of this... We ended up just shaping the dough by hand on the board like we've always done...

Then on to the toppings!!! For the first, we topped it with our favorite jarred marinara from Food Emporium, then turkey pepperoni, a combination of soy cheddar and soy jalapeno cheeses, some cooked chicken, and finally a little more cheese... For the second, I wanted to try a simple margherita with the same sauce as before, and then soy mozzarella and fresh basil...

These baked up SOOOOOOO nicely in such a hot oven and in SUCH a short time, too!!! We finished too late to try them fresh out of the oven, but they were still yummy warmed for lunch today... All in all a great, not-as-simple-as-you'd-expect challenge, but the end result was just as delicious! and NOW, the photos...

PIzza 1

PIzza 2

Pizza 5

Pizza 6 - Margherita

Pizza 7 - Chicken Pepperoni

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Caramel apples, pumpkins, and cranberries...

John Greenleaf Whittier is quoted as saying: "Ah! on Thanksgiving day... What moistens the lip and what brightens the eye? What calls back the past, like the rich Pumpkin pie?"

We're gearing up for the holiday season, ready to provide the most mouth-watering Pumpkin pie with cinnamon pecan struesel. It's a true delight and we can't wait to get your feedback (and that of your family and friends) when they sink their forks into a slice (warm from the oven? slathered with whipped cream? or ICE CREAM, perhaps???). You'll see smiles of delight and eyes will roll back in their heads. (this is not a horror film - it is, as Martha says, A good thing.)

And I forgot to mention two other great holiday favorites - Pumpkin cheesecake with cranberry orange biscotti crust, and Caramel Apple cheesecake with tuscan spice biscotti crust. These will leave you begging for more, believe me!

Last week on an episode of Eli Stone (one of my favorite new shows of the fall season) A character was reminiscing over a concert he'd attended, where he'd had an almost spiritual experience. I quote (once again): "I could taste magic, speak art, and listen to the turning of the universe". Isn't this what food, family and friendship is all about? And what better time to experience it all than over a slice of pie, a cup of chocolate toffee bread pudding, or a mouthful of Brooklyn blackout cake?. Get your name on the list, folks, these holiday splendors won't last all year, 'cause come spring, we'll be back to the rich flavors of berries, citrus, honey and such. Take time during these chilly months to really savor the flavors of the season: Nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, mouthwatering flaky pastry and just about anything you can imagine in chocolate.

Call today to place your orders, (please try to give us at least 48 hours' notice, we want all of you to be satisfied!), and get those forks polished, the napkins folded, and the appetites ready for a trip to Joey Biscotti heaven!

Ciao for now -

'Da boys