Monday, August 9, 2010 this thing on?....

Hello friends! Once again, life became so full that we haven't had a chance to blog in forever, it seems. We took the month of July off to visit relatives, spending a great weekend in Ft. Myers with my mom and then about 8 days camping with Joe's family at Mt. Shasta CA. It was a much needed respite, and now that we are refreshed and full of good family memories to see us through, we came back and decided to dive back into the business, even though the summer months are the slowest as far as taking our product to Market. The heat and humidity in Florida are keeping customers away, locked safely in their air-conditioned homes or movie theatres, I suppose. And thats OK, because it gives us time to think about what to bring out this fall!

I baked a sinfully delicious Peanut Butter/Chocolate bundt cake with Salted Caramel glaze this past week and it was really naughty of me not to share... but I was intoxicated, I suppose. We will bring that to market this fall to sell either in slice form or perhaps small "bundts for two".

Of course, our best sellers will be back - Apple spice cake, Pumpkin pie with cinnamon pecan streusal, and many others. If our best friends from South Orange don't make it down in September as we hope they will, then we'll be at the Sabor Festival in Ybor with Tres Leches cakes (we should call them hotcakes, because that's how well they sell!)..and our Fiesta brownies with a hint of cayenne pepper, among other latin inspired goodies.

As usual, we're at the Ybor City Saturday Market from 9-1 each Saturday, with longer hours beginning in late September. Look for the Tiffany Blue booth that's overflowing with Chocolate, Citrus, and other sweet fresh fruits and creamy toppings... we promise you won't leave hungry!

Ciao for now -
'Da Boys

Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh Sugar, Why must you taunt me so?

Hi - remember me? (us?)'s been SO long since we blogged. Many changes in our lives, many new friends, new dishes to serve up and so much more. Joe and I moved to St. Petersburg Florida a few months back and we are so much more relaxed on the homefront. Producing for market has been a challange, but with so many merits, it really is worth all the lost sleep and tension.

We have two really great room-mates (a sure sign of the times, due to this indiscribable economy we're experiencing), a cute little attention-craving pup named Poco, and our Jeep (Eli) to get us from point A to Z and back again each day.

Tomorrow morning we're taking our delicious Bittersweet Chocolate Cherry Ganache-covered brownies, heart shaped for the holiday, to market, along with some new Strawberry bread (filled with fresh strawberries and walnuts), and a few White Chocolate Raspberry swirl Cheesecakes for lovers lucky enough to find us in Ybor City. (if you're lucky enough to live in South West Florida - come find us on Saturdays in Ybor between 9am and 3pm for some of the finest sweet treats you can imagine - remember, we make Momma's desserts with a gourmet twist!)

I'm currently working with a great group of people at Tampa's new Crate and Barrel store, and after making it through the holidays as a seasonal sales person, I am now a permanent part-timer and was blessed to receive the Employee of the Quarter designation - and all because of the great group of co-workers who voted for me. It was a truly wonderful surprise, and truly made me feel like I belong.

If you know any SW Florida couples getting married in the near future, send them to Crate and Barrel to sign up for our Sunday morning Bridal Events - three left in the month of February, and Joey Biscotti is supplying the sweets! Each bride and groom will be given the opportunity to register at the store, taste some great treats, have a Mimosa and enjoy some personalized attention from the C&B staff.

More to come as time warrents!

Ciao for now -

Steven and Joe -

'Da Boys