Monday, September 10, 2007

Meet Joey, the Baker...

An Oakland California native, Joey has been fiddling around with recipes for most of his adult life. A few years ago we began to realize that he has a magic touch in the kitchen, and started taking samples of his wizardry to share with friends and co-workers. Enthralled, they begged for more (and more, and more!)...and so we gave it to 'em! Whenever Joey would come up with a new twist or variation to his Biscotti, we'd use our test subjects as "human guinea pigs" and the results were always a resounding two thumbs up. This signalled to us the idea of creating a fledgling business, which has since grown into Joey Biscotti. But don't imagine that he spends his days in a chef's apron - no, Joey has lots of other passions, the list of which is topped with music (he has been an internet DJ for many years now), and a great love of live theatre. From his personal collection, he recently added 1400 + titles to Rate Your Music, proving that his collection of music is not only as eclectic as our Biscotti flavors, but also, about as delicious.

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