Thursday, September 13, 2007

Red Velvet Triumphant!

Ok, Steven here! Yesterday I took Joey's new Red Velvet Cake to work and you should have seen the commotion - people swarmed over that cake like pirahnna (sp?) on a cow. There was not a crumb left on the table. And, everyone (and I do mean everyone who tried it) said that it was most likely the best of the treats we have presented them with so far! I am so excited about this - it is always such a great feeling to know that you are part of something that brings a smile to people's faces.

There were, of course, suggestions for possible improvements (one of my co-workers who hails from the deep south, suggested we add more cocoa to the recipe to make the color a bit was a very bright red cake)..but other than that - everyone loved the texture (quite moist) and went ga-ga over the Cream Cheese frosting. (little did they know that we made it very low fat by using fat-free cream cheese). My biggest issue with the trial was the fact that we didn't have the right sized box for the cake - Joey made it a nine inch round, with three layers, and we only had ten inch cake boxes, so the sides of the iced caked stuck to the box, causing it to come out a bit messy. Easily remedied in one of two ways - bigger boxes (duh!) or smaller, eight inch layers, resulting in a taller cake - which I think would be the best idea - but we'll leave that to the baker!

I wonder what Joey will make next? We've talked about trying his Butter-Brickle biscotti again, or trying something new. And of course, there are his Mutts - dark chocolate cookies with every kind of chip in them that you can imagine - peanut butter, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and butterscotch...put one of those in your mouth and you will rethink your idea of what a cookie is all about!

Ok Joey - I'm off to work soon - I wonder what sweet treat I'll come home to today?

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junk said...

Joey, this is Edie, Steven's coworker. I keep asking him if he's sure you won't marry me. He set me straight on that issue right away. No pun intended. I'll settle for being your hag if it means I get regular hits of your divine cakes and cookies.