Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Off on a tangent...

...but just for a moment...

Joey, here... I want to tell you about an experience i had recently with a "competitor"... In order to see how other bakers packed their wares for shipping, we decided to order biscotti from companies across the nation... The first one we tried was from Sugarhouse Delights, out of Petersburg, PA... I ordered 1 dozen assorted flavors (Caramel Apple, Creamy Orange, and Lemon Almond) and figured I would receive them in a few days... I had them sent to my work address, which is in a highrise, so I made sure to specify which company I worked for... Needless to say, when I tracked the package, it had supposedly arrived just 2 days later, but was not to be found anywhere in my workplace, meaning someone in the building has a nice package of biscotti to enjoy...

Okay, so I emailed the Brubaker's and informed them what had happened... They were SO prompt in getting back to me, apologizing profusely, and promising to resend my order... This replacement order arrived in a couple of days and it looked like this...

Sugarhouse Delights

Included with the order was a note stating the following...

"Dear Mr. DeBortoli

We want to thank you for your patience in receiving your
package and apologize again for any inconvenience this may
have caused.

"A few weeks ago, you had inquired about the orange-colored
chocolate we use, and I did want to clarify that the Creamy
Orange Biscotti that you ordered is drizzled with two colors
of chocolate: white; and, a mix of white and orange-colored
wafers, which gives it more of a peach color. To give you a
better idea of the orange-colored chocolate we use, we have
included a complimentary Apricot Almond Biscotti, which is
just drizzled with orange-colored chocolate.

We hope you enjoy your biscotti. Have a good day.


And hand-written at the bottom...

P.S. Because the biscotti was just freshly baked and
drizzled and not completely dry, we decided to put them
in our gift box to protect them. We don't usually do this
unless requested.

Now, they went through a lot of trouble to satisfy me, which they didn't have to do, and I didn't expect them to... But to me, it shows that they care a lot about their customers and how their services are perceived...

I would recommend ordering from them if you ever get a craving for biscotti...

Oh, and the biscotti themselves? Yummy!!!

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