Monday, September 24, 2007

Torta baciata sole (cake, kissed by the sun)

This weekend presented us with a few challenges..namely, how to keep a four layer cake from slipping sideways while frosting it with true buttercream icing and not getting it all the heck over the place! Joe made a magnificent Orange flavored cake, filled with an orange curd-like substance which could be spooned directly into the mouth (if one had no self control - don'tlookatmelikethat!). Each layer (of the four) is lightly soaked with a wonderful orange liqueur concoction, then frosted with the hint-of-orange buttercream. Then comes the orange curd and another layer of cake - build this up to a height of about 5-and-a-half inches and frost with more buttercream (can there EVER be too much buttercream, I ask you?).

Well, I risk repeating myself, as usual, by telling you that my co-workers swarmed over this one, leaving no crumb uneaten.

This evening, we've been looking at the Small Business Association website, because our long-term goal is to be our own entity - a wonderful little Bakery serving only the finest handmade (read: homemade taste in every bite) goodies that you can imagine - and believe me - we're open to suggestion. What started as an idea to specialize in biscotti, has blossomed into cakes, cookies, tarts, and most likely pies, next.

So keep those suggestions coming. We want to know what turns you on - what flavors, textures, and favorite items you'd like to see on a quaint little local bakery that we can give it to you!

I believe its Joey's turn to post next...

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