Monday, March 10, 2008

New cake on the block

joey, here... home from work and not feeling too well, BUT... I wanted to tell you about our newest creation... the Chocolate Raspberry layer cake... We made this for Valentine's Day, and, just to add a bit of the essence of that holiday, we made semi-sweet chocolate hearts to put on top!
Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake

This cake is based on our famous Sour Cream Chocolate layer cake since it uses that same recipe, but THEN, it's filled with a raspberry-cream cheese filling (made with our homemade raspberry coulis), and then topped with a bittersweet chocolate butter cream... For the Valentine's Day version, we made the chocolate hearts and placed them on top of the cake, and then dusted with cocoa powder... and this is the result!!!
Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake Cut Chocolate Raspberry Layer Slice

We are working on some things for St. Patrick's Day as well as Easter... more news on that a little later...

Eat. Your. Cake!



Paul Turner said...

Hey Joey,

Great looking cake!

I also have a strange idea. I will be posting my 100th Blogday Party in a few weeks. i wanted to make it special for everyone that will vist my blog and post a comment. As with all Birthday parties I want to have ice cream and cake. I'll have about 50 plus people stop on by and comment

Do you know a company who would offer to mail a slice of cake to my Blogday Party guests or maybe even a digital coupon to use at a local restaurant or online bakery?

Just a crazy thought.

Paul Turner

Big Boys Oven said...

Looks really awesome! chocolot looks so yummy!

Lore said...

New cake on the block and it's here to stay! I love the chocolate-rasberry-cream cheese combo.