Friday, December 7, 2007

All you'll want for Christmas - or any other occasion...

Howdy folks, Steven here with some news for you New Yorkers that I am sure you will enjoy hearing (or reading, as it were): We now offer gift certificates! At this time, we're offering what we like to refer to as Dessert Dollars, or a Ticket to Paradise. One certificate is valued at $40.00 and is good for one (1) Cake or Cheesecake from our ever-widening menu. Unfortunately, since we are as yet not set up for shipping these items, we can only offer them to people living in the New York City vicinity who are available to pick-up or deliver to.

In the future, we hope to offer them in other increments as well, but that all hinges upon having enough demand for smaller batches and/or quantities of our wonderful cookies, biscotti, and mini bites - such as Joeltz (espresso brownies) or our newest addistion, Pumpkin cream cheese mini muffins.(can I get a YUM! please?)

Feel free to drop us a line to or call 212-842-5426 and leave us a message as to what you'd like to order, and we will happily and promptly reply to any and all inquiries. - So don't miss out on your chance to serve up some scrumptious dessert which will quickly become a new holiday household tradition. (oh heck - why wait for a holiday - make it a weekly tradition!)

There's still time to order for Christmas and New Years, not to mention any and all birthdays, anniversaries, engagement parties or any other special occasion you can imagine.

Ciao for now, friends -

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Steven and Joey...

Sharona here. Thanks for the blog! I hope that I have an event soon so I can eat some deliciousness!