Saturday, February 21, 2009

What goes well with Chocolate?

Hello folks. It's been a while since I had a chance to blog about our baking experiences, and I thought, well, as long as it's a winter Saturday, with no heat or hot water, and I'm forced to sit in front of this space heater and BAKE to keep warm - I might as well compose an up-date!

Last week Joe made the most fabulous cake - so freakin tall we couldn't fit it in any of our various boxes and had to construct one just for the occasion. Devil's Food with white chocolate/mint filling, layers of dark chocolate ganache and a mildly minty pale yellow buttercream frosting. OY was this one delicious. Four layers of heaven. Cake, ganache, mint filling, cake, ganache, mint filling - rinse and repeat...twice...only a very thin slice should be eaten at a sitting, because this one is so darned rich. We haven't thought of a name for it yet - but rest assured that its another keeper for our business.

Speaking of keepers, I have a Chocolate Caramel cheesecake in the oven as I type this - deep chocolate biscotti crust, layer of creamy caramel, and dark chocolate cheesecake filling...yum (I hope). This is one of those time when I have to keep reminding myself to have patience (something baking has truly helped me to achieve)...this one will have to cool on the rack for an hour or so, then refrigerated for three hours before we can TASTE it. Give me strength! I'm thinking of drizzling more caramel over the top and sprinkling with sea salt. Oops - my mouth just started to water. Did yours?

We are giving thoughts to what we want to serve up for the two up-coming holidays: St. Patrick's Day and Easter. I have a few thoughts, but will let those brew a bit longer until I'm (we're) ready to reveal the newest scrumptious delights from Joey Biscotti!

Satisfy your sweet tooth now - while we're still a small, personalized-service-oriented company. My intention is for us to always offer the service you've come to expect. Keep helping us to remember, as we grow, to always make YOU our number one priorty.

More later!

'Da boys...

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