Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Love is in the air

....and so is the aroma of fresh baked goodies to tempt each and every one of your senses! This Valentine's Day, we're serving up some delicious, love-filled treats to share with that someone special in your life. The first offering we've come up with is our rich and decadent White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl cheesecake in chocolate biscotti crust, with some lovely heart-shaped designs that will say "I love you" in a very special way. We will be making our usual 9" size for those of you with a lot of love to spread around, and for the week of Valentine's Day, you can also order them in the more intimate 5 1/2" size, pictured here. You'll get 6 sweet little wedges out of the smaller size - enough for dessert for lunch AND dinner that day!

Be sure and tell all your married, courting or just plain amorous friends to get in touch with us soon, so as to order on time and not miss out on a single, creamy fork-full!

More love to come...

'Da boys


Todd HellsKitchen said...

.... Oh my!

Anonymous said...

Love the heart deco on the cake!