Sunday, September 7, 2008

Free at last, free at last....

...a chance to taste these biscotti (and other delicious treats) is free, at last!
As some of you already know, Saturday September 20, in Hell's Kitchen, we'll be hosting a free tasting event - an open house (er, kitchen?). where everyone will have a chance to sample several flavors of our best selling items, including biscotti, cheesecakes, cakes, bread puddings and cookies, with a few surprises thrown into the mix.

From 2-7pm that day, we'll be thowing open the doors of the commercial kitchen we bake in, to allow the glorious scents of freshly baked goodies to waft into the air, enticing neighborhoodites to taste Snickerdoodles, Joeltz (our famous espresso brownies), Brooklyn blackout cake, Caramel apple cheesecake and many, many more decadent treats.

Where you may ask? The address is 306 West 51st street (just off Eighth avenue) Suite #1 (basement) just next to the House of Brews. Yes, I said the House of Brews...I've posted a photo of the soon to be famous Joey, wearing our signature color and standing at the gate, so that you will have ease in finding us (as if following your nose wouldn't be enough!)

We'll be so excited to see old friends and meet many new (please feel free to forward this information to anyone you know who has a sweet tooth - we want everyone to experience Joey Biscotti!), and to let you see a bit of the creative process.

I'll post a reminder next week. Get your calendars and taste buds geared up. We know you're gonna love us!

Ciao for now...

'Da boys


Little Family Franco said...

We will be there! Desserts and pregnancy go so well together! We can't wait to see you guys!
Rene, Renee and Eva

Velveeta said...

so boys, how'd it go? lol hugs&slugs....g