Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We want you to try something amazing...

...and we'd love to invite you to an open house "tasting party" sometime over the coming summer weeks. At the left of the page, below the slide show and menu information, you'll find a new poll asking for opinions on what days work best for you. Please take a moment to give us your vote... you only have 6 (six) days before the polls close. (and if you have better suggestions or an answer different from the choices we've given, email us at joeybiscotti@hotmail.com, or post a comment here.)

We'd really love to be able to share some of our newest recipes with you, and to give you a chance to taste them AND take some home that very day! So the sooner you check off your answers to the poll, the sooner we can get baking and organizing this event. Believe me, your taste buds (and tummy) won't be sorry!

Ciao for now..

'Da Boys

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